ADVENTURE 4: Inner beauty

What is inner beauty?

Esther, a character in the Bible, was beautiful inside and out. You can be beautiful on the outside in terms of tidy hair and pretty clothes, but it’s more important to be beautiful on the inside by being ‘nice’ and having qualities such as love, patience and helpfulness.

You can read the full story in the Bible in the book of Esther. Click here to read the book of Esther online.

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Activate: Gems

Activities to get you more involved with this adventure.

Do you know the names of any precious gems? How about diamonds, rubies or emeralds? People use gems to make them look more beautiful. They’re used in jewellery like rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

But we all have hidden ‘gems’ inside us – characteristics like love, kindness, caring, loyalty etc. which make us beautiful on the inside.

Complete the gems wordsearch by finding all the gems and all the gems that can be hidden parts of our personality.

The aim of this word search puzzle is for you to build up a positive image of who you are. The words that need to be found describe who you are and how God sees each one of us: a precious, very special, beautiful piece of art that has been handmade by God.

Play Word Search online Download Gems Word Search

You might also want to try this fun gems laser game:
Play Gems Laser Shot

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